GTA V Cultstoppers Screenshot

Rockstar has tweeted a link that can only be described as a rather bizarre website that has undoubtedly to do with the September 17 launch of Grand Theft Auto 5. The website called Cultstoppers is headlined with “URGENT NEWS: MISSING - Last seen in the Los Santos & Blaine County area, have you seen these people? Believed abducted by The Epsilon Program…”

The Site goes on to explain People think it’s only teenage runaways, middle-aged virgins and creepy high-school loners who fall victim to cults, but it can happen to anyone. Including you or your loved ones. Someone you know could suddenly disappear for a year and come back babbling gibberish.

There is currently no internal or external links on the site but according to Cultstoppers the full site launch will be coming soon so stay alert.

Update: A commenter, d0nni3 over on has found that The Epsilon Program also has a live website. Check it out here.  Beware though, there is some seriously funky music on a loop.