Today I was sitting minding my business when this YouTube video gets tweet spammed on #SWTOR column in TweetDeck. The offending video was a Speed and Credit Hack for Star Wars: The Old Republic.



Now first let me explain how the Speed Hack works. When a speed Hack is active the users character is doing things a little faster (depends on what speed they set of course) than everyone else. Now this can be especially annoying for people playing in PVP matches, especially Huttball. Now Hutball was once described as Space Rugby which I still don’t see but the jest of it is you get the ball and you need to go score a try or goal by getting over your opponents score line. Now if you are running faster than everything else this is very easy.

In the below video you can see in the first few seconds the dude flies form the centre with the ball and scores.

On the flip side there is also a credit hack that was not explained in the video but you get what that is, unlimited credits equals lots of in-game goodies to overcome your foes with.

Now obviously a lot of people have an issue with this and yet the developers do not seem to have a solution to the problem except for banning the offending accounts and that is if they get caught or reported by other players.

Back in the day when I still used to play World of Warcraft there were similar types of programs called Bots that people use to use. These bots basically took control of their characters and mine for minerals. Minerals in Wow is big money because most crafting use it.

Now I’m sure similar types of things happen in most MMO’s but what I’m asking is what’s the fucking point. Are you so god forsaken bad at playing a game that you need to cheat your way through it? Are you so obsessed with winning that you run around the Huttball arena like Flash Gordon on roids?

What even grates me just that little more is the nutjob that created the below video says close to the end “Play fair and don’t be bad”. Huh? WTF? Really?

Here is the video below if you want to watch it and see what it’s all about or if you want to use it, to each their own I guess.

Let me know in the comments below what you think, is it ok? Do you hate the people who do it and ruin your PVP match?